Sunday 18 May 2008


Can find my way around the computer ok, it's like driving - if I know where I'm going I'm fine - but try something different and it's straight over my head, today after checking out Connie's site I went into bighuge labs and made a cube of ATC's to print out then found a frame and put last years picture of Jan and I in it. Now this may seem simple to most of you but to me it's a major leap. Have to admit it's a pretty basic frame but I like it.

Third lady.

This is the third ATC using a paper picture on stitched and embellished organza/angelina.

The button lady has been swapped so have the two flower ladies left .

Butterfly pages.

Two more pages from, Jan and Wendy, that make up the butterfly pages,chosen by Jan, for our book.

Friday 16 May 2008

Beautiful Poppy

And each flower and herb on earths dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintery nest

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Gothic Arches

These two arches have just arrived in America as part of a swap with Sue(Artisbliss), it was for anything with the theme of garden and to help cheer her up, I hope it worked.

Tuesday 13 May 2008


I have just made myself a journal to take on holiday, hopefully I will fill it up but it may come back as empty as it goes. Whatever, I enjoyed the project and as usual I managed to mix paper and fabric.Am in the process of signing up for an online Embellisher course (as mentioned in Doreen's blog) quite excited at the prospect and something to look forward to when i get back home.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Oh Dear!!!

Had a lovely day yesterday at an Embroiderers Guild open day,the trouble was that I hadn't expected the standard of trade that was there so my card got a 'bashing' as they say, wool (for another bag) fibres, wool to have a go at freeform knit/crochet,charms,foils, a couple of books (do I need more - yes!) and other odds and ends - as I said a lovely day!!!

Friday 9 May 2008

Burger and Chips?

It is my Mums 93rd birthday on Sunday so we took her for a birthday lunch today to M.......s for burger and chips, it was her choice and she enjoyed her lunch, OH and I have been for a brisk walk this evening to ward off the effects of the chips etc.

I had a surprise goody bag in the post today from Connie, she brought me beads, braid and lace from Spain, a lovely gift.

The ATC pictured is wool tops worked into felt on the embellisher, a paper pic added then machine stitching and beads to decorate.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Felted bags

I knitted the pink bag last year and have just finished the orange and pink one ( I like bright)they are fun to use. they are knitted in pure wool and when finished are very large and shapeless, you then throw them into the washer on a hot wash and they shrink to a usable size and the wool is solidly felted and very strong.

Made a few ATCs the last two days and finished a knitted felted handbag and the ironing for the holiday so feeling good, just left with two pairs of OH's trousers to turn up, I hate that job - rather make a dress from scratch! - any way can relax now and take it gently up to the holiday, unfortunately after being advised to book my mother in to respite care while we are away I am now informed that despite her being 93, suffering from Parkinsonism and heart trouble, she does not fulfil the criteria required for respite care. The thing is she is happy to stay at home so i must try not to worry to much.
I have made the atcs using metal, alcohol inks and punches and some stamping on the third one.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Sunday Blues (not the musical kind)

Not settling down to too much at the moment as have a holiday coming up , and feel guilty crafting instead of Ironing shirts!! ugh!! The picture is the front of my latest book page in the swap with Wendy and Jan,this latest one is a butterfly theme, I think we will have a fine book by the time it's finished. Changing the subject completely I have a bad knee, another cold sore on my bottom lip and my Mother's curtains collapsed late last night so you can guess what we spent this morning doing - other than that everything is fine !!

Friday 2 May 2008


Sue in the States has given me an award, what a lovely surprise ( actually the award is for my blog) and I am passing it on to the following people - Jan for a great blog and good friendship, Wendy for the same reasons. Connie (Konny) and Viv for young and very good blogs and of course both cyber friends and finally Aileen for inspiration.