Friday 28 October 2011

An empty jam jar.

At our last crafty natter, Julia gave us a really difficult challenge in the form of two stamped,empty,jam jars and a mask for them, when I went into the craft room after my holiday there they where sitting on the desk here's what I did - I put a digi stamp fairy into the jar and made a sort of easel shaker card without the shaky bits!!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Venetian Views!

We really loved Venice so just a few more pics!!, St Marks Basillica which was so beautiful, a view of St Marks Square from the water and - another Gondola!

Monday 24 October 2011

Feels like a Laundry!!

A lovely holiday but back to the washing etc, I think I've brought mine and someone elses - did we really take all those clothes?? This cruise was quite eventful in that having had a smooth crossing of the Bay of Biscay we hit the Mediterranean in a force 9 gale with waves that broke some of the windows on deck 5 of the ship,it also meant that we could not go to Malta as the sea was too rough for the ship to go into Valetta harbour, the upside of this was having an overnight stay in Venice -the photo's show a very rough sea, a Venetian Gondola and one of the lovely shop windows in a street off St. Marks square.
I must get all the clothes etc sorted, the housework done and my craft room tidied before I start on a project or even christmas cards - that's my promise to myself - will I keep to it??