Saturday 31 December 2011

I made a clock!!

Wow, something different for me , making a clock, I'd taken a Tando chipboard clock face from the shop to have a play with and using a deep canvas ended up with a mildly steampunk finished project, I couldn't use the chipboard clock hands as they were too thick and the mechanism ones are a bit long but they're ok.It's now hanging in the shop, sorry about the sun reflection on the picture, hard to take a decent photo at this time of year.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Christmas crafting

I hope you all had a lovely christmas, ours was quiet but nice, with good food (too much) and plenty of relaxation, since the day I have done a bit of crafting and this card was one of the things I made, I'd been asked what I could do with these Claudine Helmuth 'Domestic' clear and foam stamps and this is my take on them.

Friday 23 December 2011

indulgence and seasons greetings

I'm having a really indulgent evening, sitting with the lap top on my knee blog hopping and not feeling at all guilty, I'm also looking forward to not having to leave the house for the next four days unless I really want to - what luxury!! after the four days I'm sure i'll be ready to go out and about again hopefully after having produced some of the crafty things I have whirling around my brain. Before I do all this I must wish all my blogging friends a wonderful christmas and a very happy and crafty new year.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Could have been a disaster!!!

Well at last my craft room is a workable space again, still lots to be sorted thro' and discarded to various good causes or the recycle bins but otherwise ok, I didn't manage to get my sewing room up and running but perhaps will over christmas. One word of warning, if you have an old plastic bottle of glue, be careful how you handle it, I picked one out of a box and a fountain of glue shot across the room as the side of the bottle cracked - I now need a new rug and my punches etc have all had a wash! how lucky that it didn't go in the direction of the computer, now that would have been a disaster!!

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Christmas Card Book

I saw, on the TV, how to make a concertina book out of 12x12 papers and had to have a go - this christmas card is the result and certainly different to my usual cards.

Sunday 11 December 2011

Vintage birthday

I suddenly realised I had three christmas birthday cards to make so here is what I made this morning amid the craft room chaos, I used my new Crafty Individuals stamp with some of their backing paper and added embelishments to give it a vintage look.

Monday 5 December 2011

Apologies and pictures!

Apologies for not visiting blogs as I normally do but I feel like the white rabbit just now, running hither and thither not getting anywhere, as I mentioned before we've been helping our friend Barry get his craft shop up and running ,it was opened last thursday, thankfully plenty of people turned out and he had a full shop, I'm posting a couple of pictures of outside and inside the shop. Now that is all over I'm clearing the craft room as I really can't work in the mess it's in at the moment and at the same time I'm turning our spare bedroom into a sewing room, how lucky am I?? I'm also posting a 'vintage' style christmas card I managed to make amid the chaos.