Wednesday 29 September 2010

Still Here??

I seem to be taking an unplanned blog break at the moment due to weekends away and 'life happening' and of course, to avoid wasting both fruit and veg, i'm still chutney making!! Hopefully next week i'll have something to post as i'll be spending a long weekend with Jan and Wendy and we've all packed our craft bags, we'll be off to a craft fair on friday so new goodies to play with as well. I treated myself to a Cricut machine a couple of weeks ago and haven't even had chance to play with it other than checking it was ok and in working order.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Back Home

. I found this lovely old photograph in a second hand book shop in Southport, i couldn't resist her and think she'll transfer very well to fabric for a future piece of work. We had a lovely week caravanning in Southport altho' the weather wasn't very kind to us, I spent time with Viv both crafting and shopping and we also included our OHs in the eating sessions. Home again to a very upset house, as we are waiting for new furniture to arrive and in some cases be chosen. I have a few projects on the go but nothing to be shown at the moment.

Friday 10 September 2010

Photo Call

I found my Aunt's wedding album and proof wedding photos when we were clearing the bungalow, the album went to Canada with Sandi and I kept the proofs so that I could use them in scrapbook pages in my heritage album, here are the two pages I did at the Crop on saturday. They really take me back - the little bridesmaid in front of 'Grandad' on the right is ME!!!fresh tulips in the head dress and all.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

The Carpets are down but......................

Well the carpets are down, the fitters arrived at 6.30pm mon night and left at 10pm, a perfectly respectable time for fitting carpets??? by then the rain was pouring down and my furniture on the patio , altho covered, was getting a good pounding but the carpets were in, I have to say that on friday they are coming back to hopefully make a better job of the lounge carpet which looks as tho' one of them left his chip butty under it in several places and which didn't show up in the artificial light on monday night, or perhaps we were just too tired to notice, not happy? annoyed? yes you get the idea. To happier things, this morning I've finished another 2 page spread of my cowgirl book, this time using denim and some hessian with other blue fabrics to match the black and white of the picture, I almost feel back to normal after doing this, only almost!
Another happy thing is that I've signed up for an online workshop with CaroleB in New Zealand (to go to her blog click on the madness and mess badge in my right hand sidebar), to make shabby chic type cards using old book covers as a base, I have the books out and need to decide on a theme and what to use, I'll start these properly at the end of next week as we are having a few days away for a rest!!

Sunday 5 September 2010

Craft of a different kind?

Sorry, no pictures again, in the state the house is in I don't even know where the camera is and I really don't think pictures of jars of chutney are very inspiring, yes a craft of a different kind - chutney making - we have so many plums and pears and i hate to waste anything, I never get on to well freezing them so it's preserves time and the house smells of ginger and vinegar at the moment with an Apple, Plum and Ginger chutney bubbling away.I have also curried and frozen some runner beans since we got back home, well why not, we do live in the 'curry capital, of England.Tomorrow is Carpet day then hopefully we can gradually get straight again and my craft room will be accessible.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

A sad homecoming.

I was very sad today when we left my late Aunts home and the place I was born in yorkshire , yes we plan to go back but I shed a few tears on the way out of the village. We are both really tired after clearing the bungalow, that was a harrowing experience as was finding her precious things and old family photo's etc. It would have been good to arrive home to a nicely ordered house but not to be as we are in the middle of decorating and re carpeting, definitely have the urge to run away to sea!!! I took lots of crafty things with me but by the time we got to sit down at night I couldn't keep my eyes open so nothing was done and may not be done for a little while yet. Some of the things I brought back with me such as lace mats, old linen buttons and bits of unusual fabric etc will be used in my fabric work and keep my Aunts memory alive, not that we would ever forget her!!