Sunday 31 May 2009

Perfect Poppies

I had a walk around the garden and thought these beautiful poppies deserved a photograph taking, I've been trying to upload them for a couple of days but blogger has been very reluctant, we are having beautiful hot weather so have been making the most of it by sitting outsdide reading, not much crafting done altho' have nearly finished my Cousin's album.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Lovely weekend break

We had a lovely hot caravanning weekend in Cambridgeshire, I visited a craft shop (where else would I go) and spent a little? then had a walk around Peterborough, the rest of the time was spent lazing and reading outside the caravan. I returned home to finish a gift for my Cousin's Daughter , she was recently married and e mailed me a few of her wedding photo's so I printed them off and have made her a Tag Book for when she visit's in a couple of weeks. I used my cuttlebug and silk and punched flowers with lace and braids to put it together, hope she likes it and it isn't too flowery for her.My next task is to make a small memory book for my cousin with photo's of my late mum and my aunt etc - her English family.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Gipsy ATC

A stitched paper atc for the MAMMA challenge swap themed - yes - Gipsy, I have to own up to having used this picture quite often but it is one of my favourites, I trimmed it with some linen lace that was made in lithuania.

Monday 18 May 2009

Altered Keys

The latest altered project for one of the MAMMA groups was to alter a key, now I really am not good at fiddling with split rings but i persevered and managed to alter 4 keys, there would have been 5 but after I had painted and varnished one key then asked OH if it was ok to use, he pointed out it was actually my Aunt's front door key - laugh or cry - laugh of course. Anyway it also solved the problem of what crafty gift I could give to my Canadian cousin Sandi, when she visits us next month on the way back from Russia,hers is the silvery one with the butterfly. If it wasn't for the fiddly bits I could go on altering keys as they look so good when finished.

Sunday 17 May 2009


Just a couple of Atcs for a felted technique swap, thought it time the embellisher machine had a workout.

Thursday 14 May 2009

Holiday Photo's ( just a few)

Just a few photo's of our two week holiday cruising in the med,we had a great holiday and it was a lovely ship but we thought just a touch too big, as you can see from the picture of it anchored in the lovely Spanish town of Cartagena, we also visited Monte Carlo, but the views were spoilt by the staging that was being erected for the Rally at the end of May, In Corsica we anchored in Ajaccio and found a little street produce market, Roy took a photo of the spice stall, the aromas were delicious!, on the theme of food how's this for a craft - a Crane carved on a watermelon - so clever and done by one of the catering crew. And finally for one of the more formal evenings, we didn't scrub up too badly.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

All Done!

Well nearly all done, HW this morning and washing done and put away yesterday, some ironing but - i'll do it - one day - altho' I do hate having a basket of laundry to iron, it keeps shouting at me do 'get it done'Friends are dashing in for coffee today in their very short lunch break, I feel like a whirlwind has passed thro' when they've gone but it is lovely to see them. I am posting a picture of a mini quilt I made as a birthday gift for Connie, it was the first I had made like this and was inspired by one I saw in 'Sew Somerset', I think it worked out well.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Out of Season?

Obviously the holiday did me good as I'm back and well into making - Christmas cards?? - just felt like making a few so if the mood takes you , do it! I've lots of other things I want to do but until I decide on a set thing it's these cards and some fabric atcs for challenges, so not very inspiring just now I'm afraid.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Done Cruising!

Back home again yesterday and unpacking, washing and ironing etc etc - did we really need all those clothes - well yes we wore them. I'm itching to get started on something but the washing machine is calling again!! So as they say 'watch this space'