Tuesday 19 February 2008

Just home from a couple of days rest and relaxation, staying in Hereford and spending yesterday in Wales with Wendy and Peter, they took us around the Elan Valley, the area is beautiful and altho' we saw parts of rivers and streams frozen the weather was lovely.Wendy and I stamped with each others Zetti Stamps then we had her famous Avocado soup ,but that's another story.The rest of the week is for clearing out my Aunt's Garage, think we have got our priorities back to front but never mind - there may be some 'found objects' to bring home.

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Jan said...

Fancy finding time to post inbetween your travels!! We too went to the Elan Valley - beautiful. Looks like you took photos of the same trees that I did - they fascinated me - almost Van Gogh'ish