Monday 17 March 2008

Much less than perfect

Have just finished my first Gothic Arch using fabric and paper, I saw the picture on a cd and remembered I had some fabric that would go well with it and off I went but it is definitely less than perfect as it has a positive 'bump' on one side that is more noticeable since I edged it, never mind - not bad for a first - must do better next time - how do people get them perfectly shaped?



well this is gorgeous Maureen. really gorgeous. Seen lots of gothic arches about and would love to have a go at making a book of em.
Maybe a jam swap coming up lol
As for being able to do em perfect, don't ask me, especially with fabric.
All i can think of, is when sewing circles, you cut up to the edge to enable it to go round (if you know what I mean roflol)
Once again great work

Jan said...

Beautiful, of course and lovely to see it created in fabric.
I agree with Margaret - a jam swap would be great with the choice of either fabric or paper.

Cat said...

Hi Maureen. This is lovely - the fabric does go well with the picture - and don't worry about the arch, I bet putting the edging on was difficult! My arches aren't symetrical at the tops.

Have a very Happy Easter.

John Dyhouse said...

oo-er, Margaret mentioned sewing .... if only my OH was interested in crafting, I could cheat.

Lovely piece Maureen - I don't think I noticed the bump until I read your comment. Maybe we are all hypercritical of our own work?

Angie said...

I echo everyone else here Maureen, it is really very gorgeous