Wednesday 16 April 2008

This and That

I have been doing all sorts of things these last few days, papercraft and fabric work, trouble is I enjoy both, sometimes I wish I only worked in one medium then things would be simpler and my room would be tidier ( I think).I have a stick doll to make for my groups monthly doll challenge and three book pages for the swap with Jan and Wendy -must get on with them! But in the meanwhile I've made a few ATCS - embellished and paper/fabric. The 'Learn to Sew one is for the April Lottery on a Mixed Media ATC group.


allie aller said...

The green ATC is especially lovely...I get so caught up in my projects that I forget to take time out and experiment further with my embellisher. Thanks for the inspiration!

John Dyhouse said...

I entirely agree with your comments about getting involved with so many different techniques. I have got so involved with so many things since joining NI and I still have my watercolours and pastels to develop ( the trouble is you get stale in any skilled technique if you don't practice it constantly) and as you say it makes for a darned mess.

BTW great atc's, I dare not even contemplate fabric (except as embellishment in a collage)

CraftyC said...

These are both just gorgeous!!