Tuesday 12 May 2009

Out of Season?

Obviously the holiday did me good as I'm back and well into making - Christmas cards?? - just felt like making a few so if the mood takes you , do it! I've lots of other things I want to do but until I decide on a set thing it's these cards and some fabric atcs for challenges, so not very inspiring just now I'm afraid.


June said...

Maureen ... you have gone and said it now ..... Nooooooooo how could you ???
lol seriously, i do love your card your santa is excellent and its a beauty
Hugs June x

June said...

aww thanks for the comment maureen, yes its a sad time especially for dad and his siblings.
Oh and i love your christmas card its gorgeous ... just not sure about christmas yet tho hehe ... have a lovely evening, i am off to get some work done then bed
night night xxxxx

Heather said...

I can't contemplate anything to do with Christmas this early in the year, but your card is lovely and you will be able to sit back and rest on your laurels while the rest of us go frantic because we didn't start early enough!

Viv said...

Hello Saddo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess who's got the tinternet back then???
Christmas Cards?????????? flippin eck... am still stuffin me face with choccie from Easter..........pmsl
but it's a very very nice card..... lol