Saturday, 20 June 2009

Birthday book

I'm determined to get my moneys worth out of my cuttlebug and bind it all machines so have made a little birthday book of the photo's of the day for my aunt. (question - is moneys right or is it monies or money's - doesn't look at all right to me)


Heather said...

I think you'll find money's is right Maureen - sometimes you can look at a word and no variations look right. Love the little book and it is such a beautiful memento of your aunt's big day. I like the sound of the cuttlebug and bind it all machines, but was a bit shocked by the price and am not sure I would make enough use of them.

Sherry said...

I don't know which is correct either Maureen - but we know what you mean! Love your little book.

Your aunt looks amazing in the photos - so young for her age!

I must admit to having bought a bind it all machine many months ago - and still haven't got around to using it .... ssshhh, don't tell hubby - lol.

Doreen G said...

Make up you own word Maureen maybe munnees worth :-] whichever way you spell it I know what you mean because those toys are expensive aren't they.
Love the book.

Jan said...

These machines are cetainly worth their money aren't they - the effect is so professional. Lovely book - and a lovely thought.

Anonymous said...