Friday 31 July 2009


Day three of the great tidy/turn out, yesterday was a panic day - why did I start this??? - but then passed that and can see the end (and the computer) I have really gone thro' everything and have a large amount for the crafty meet I'll be going to next saturday so forward and onward and I can get on with soome crafting.


Unknown said...

aw bless a bit like my room...but will be worth it when youve done although if like me you wont be able to find a thing lol!!!!lv sassyx

June said...

Maureen i am now reminded of what i was gonna do today lol ... oh dear you are making me feel guilty.
Wouldnt it be more fun if we could sort out each others stash ? lol
hugs June x

Viv said...

I need to rummage through your bags!!! You know I love your cast offs!!!LOL
The only thing about tidying is that once you start crafting it'll be a tip again in no time!

Heather said...

Well done - it's a horrid task but so worthwhile when it has been done. Have a lovely crafty weekend.

Jan said...

Ha ha!! that's NOTHING!!!! I daren't post mine.... I'm still working round all the mess and moving bits from one place to another!
Well done for sticking at it.

p.s. one pot of vanilla sticks will suffice - chuck the others!!!!

Genie said...

Mines still staring at me waiting to be done again!! have a great weekend