Tuesday 29 June 2010

Strange Poppies.

After two weeks with no network from our server a visit from a telephone engineer solved the problem early yesterday morning so I'm fully back on line and dongle free - thank goodness!! On a walk thro' our garden on sunday we found some strange Poppies, strange in that we don't know if the birds brought the seeds or did we plant them?? (oh memory where are you these days) I hadn't seen any like these before so out came the camera which was a good thing as next day they had gone!!It ia the feathery red ones that we aren't sure about, the pink ones are definitely a gift from the birds.


Jan said...

It's always a lovely surprise to find poppies in the garden.... isn't nature wonderful

Sherry said...

They are so beautiful Maureen, especially the pink ones. Glad you've put your dongle away again!

Heather said...

I think the red feathery poppy is a gift from the birds too Maureen. It's gorgeous and such a shame the flowers go so quickly.

Connie said...

The pink ones are a lovely gift - I think the birds pecked at the red one in exchange.
They certainly peck lots of our petals - but only give us no-berry holly bushes everywhere in exchange!