Thursday 19 August 2010

First pages.

My get up and go has sort of got up and went since we lost my Aunt, we have to go north at the weekend for the funeral and to start clearing her home, not a pleasant job at all and I just can't seem to sort myself out at the moment, my cousin has just called and she is just leaving to start her journey from Canada and will get into Manchester on Saturday. Last weekend I started a fabric ' Cowgirl' book when we were having a few days caravanning with Jan and today I've put the first page together, I've tried to make it shabby with no pretty lace in sight and I think it's worked so far. I've always been a fan of the American west and love the work of KC Willis, recently in my latest Sew Somerset magazine another admirer of KC's style had her work on show in the form of a beautiful 'cowgirl' book and quilties so this really sparked my imagination (and yes I still have a page to finish in my vintage ladies book and do the cover). And finally a pic of my OH with a few of his freshly picked runner beans - doesn't he look pleased with himself!!!(or does he?)


Jan said...

I shall get confused with your site and that of K C Willis at this rate!
Hasn't it turned out well.... I knew it would.......beautifully shabby and the colours and fabrics are gorgeous. Brilliant.
Roy looks a bit bemused for some reason! Tell him the beans were fantastic, as was the garlic, which was lovely and crisp.

Viv said...

Hello Roy - bean doing a runner from the local caff???? LOL
Lovely lovely pages Maureen. x

Doreen G said...

Hang in there Maureen and you will find the strength and courage to do what is neccessary.

Sherry said...

Hope all goes well at the weekend Maureen.

I love your fabric book (I've received my giveaway one from Lilla - there are similarities with yours - apart from the theme and colour of course - I'd like to have a go at one myself now - well, it's on the long list of things I'd like to do!)

That's a nice piccie of your hubby - in the kitchen, that's what I like to see!!

Heather said...

Your fabric book is lovely Maureen and I'm sure you will begin to feel better after your aunt's funeral. Give yourself time. Perhaps you didn't give Roy time to say 'cheese'! The beans look great - my favourite veg.

Pattie said...

Oh wow this book is lovely ! my favorite thing,KC Willis is a friend on my Facebook,I so admire her work.................hope your feeling better now and back crafting x