Sunday 22 May 2011

A garden day

I had promised to have a day planting out in the garden so we braved the winds and managed to plant all that was ready to go in, May and June are my favourite times in the garden as all the lovely perenials are at their best,in my garden that means lots of Poppies and foxgloves altho they are a bit few on the ground at the moment. I took some photo's when the wind lessened and amazingly I had some good unblurred pictures, this makes me laugh as I'd taken a photo of a card i'd made and it's all blurry - strange!!


Janet said...

Great Photo's Maureen, they'll look lovely on a scrapbook page x

Heather said...

Your garden is looking lovely Maureen, inspite of the wind. I haven't planted anything out yet - lots to do!

Jan said...

Beautiful Poppies. Such a shame that they dont last throughout the summer.