Wednesday 21 December 2011

Could have been a disaster!!!

Well at last my craft room is a workable space again, still lots to be sorted thro' and discarded to various good causes or the recycle bins but otherwise ok, I didn't manage to get my sewing room up and running but perhaps will over christmas. One word of warning, if you have an old plastic bottle of glue, be careful how you handle it, I picked one out of a box and a fountain of glue shot across the room as the side of the bottle cracked - I now need a new rug and my punches etc have all had a wash! how lucky that it didn't go in the direction of the computer, now that would have been a disaster!!


Heather said...

You had a close shave there Maureen! The card is lovely - I love it's gentle antiqued look.
I have yet to sort my room out - every surface seems to be piled with 'stuff', but downstairs is looking good!

Viv said... this!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Beautiful card Maureen I love the vintage look, good job the sticky mess wasn't worse. Merry christmas.
Kevin xx

Janet said...

lovely card Maureen, good job it didnt squirt over your finished work.
Have a lovely Christmas, see you in the new year.