Tuesday 26 June 2012

A 'Treasure Book' uncensored

This is the start of my Book of Treasures, embellishments added and next coats of paint - already I have dirty gluey marks where they shouldn't be - luckily the finished item will be dark!!


Jan said...

Wow.... you've got on SO well. This is looking great. I am still not in the mood for mine... cannot sum up the enthusiasm after the slow start and, although I'm into the forum now, cannot make head not tail of it! Next week maybe!

Heather said...

Love the cogs and key elements. It's looking good already. I get covered in glue, paint, ink or whatever I'm using.

Janet said...

Lovely, cant wait to see the finished box

Gibmiss said...

Hi maureen
fabulous card ..... Hope you are well
Hugs sylvie xxxx