Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Camera last

I treated myself to a basic digi camera yesterday so I could  photograph my project pics - strange no instructions tho !! but they were there, on a cd for me to print off - all 49 pages, needless to say I've just printed the ones I think i'll need. This is the first pic from the camera taken before I found the instructions and with the flash on unfortunately, not so bad but hopefully i'll get better.


Heather said...

It shows up all the detail and texture well Maureen, and the glint on the gold is just right. I must confess I like a book of instructions even if most of it is in forgeign languages.
Nearly forgot - the card is great!

Unknown said...

cameras are a pian way too complicated well for me any way..i had a fab little cannon camera for ages and it was perfect till the battery died...tried replacing but never the same....ive eventually found one which i love if you ever need a spare i have three lol!!!...anyhows im rambling its a good shot and a fabulous card...have fun practising...hug s sassyxxxx

Viv said...

Great card Maureen. (What are instructions???????????) x

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully elegant, we can see how it twinkles with the flash light.