Saturday 1 March 2008

Fabric day

Have just finished my first piece of Crazy Patchwork in atc form,am really pleased with it even tho' the embroidery is a bit uneven, haven't done those stitches since I was a kid (just a few years ago!!!). Made two more atcs - the purple one is layers of Organza, machine stitched and embellished and the red and green one was a disaster that was used up in a different way, I hope someone out there will swap with me.


Jan said...

These are lovely Maureen - you really excell in this type of work. I particularly love the top one - beautifully delicate colours. Very Spring-like. Jan x

Angie said...

You are so clever Maureen, beautiful work.


oooooooooh, delicious Maureen. Great needlework as well. I love them all