Monday 14 July 2008

Good Weekend

We had a good weekend caravanning at a local steam fair, despite horrendous rain on friday and mud everywhere for the saturday. Managed to get some stitching done and finished reading 'The Labyrinth'by Kate Mosse, a very good book. Two more ATCs for Margarets swap on maggiesmondaymusings this week, the theme is Three, so after bursting into song (not a nice sound) I remembered I had a stamp of the 'Trevi Fountain' so it had to be 'Three Coins in a Fountain' then Roy said why not do a Three pence postage stamp - yes folks it really was that price once upon a time! So the 3d/p stamp atc was born.


Sherry said...

Love them both Maureen. I've now got the tune of three coins in a fountain in my head .... not that I'm old enough to remember it ... saw an old film of it once...LOL

Jackie said...

I suppose there has to be an upside to the wet get to sew! Lovely work.

John Dyhouse said...

very creative depictions of the theme, inspiring - John