Tuesday 29 July 2008

A great visit.

Have had a couple of lovely days with my cousin Sandi and she goes off to our Aunt's in Yorkshire tomorrow, tonight i found out that back in january she had started a blog then thought nobody would look at it so never bothered any more, after an extensive lecture from me re blogging and blogland she has started it up again altho it will be silent for the next couple or so weeks while she is travelling and trading. ( see my links re sanderella.).We did have a small workshop tonight on soldering, have posted my first and only piece -it's not that easy , I didn't know you needed to use flux and also solder on top of copper or brass tape so it's a good job she was here, not a bad attempt but as you have to wash the flux off how do you stop the water going into the picture between the slides - anyone know the answer?


Jackie said...

I can see you sit up blogging till the early hours like I do Maureen. This soldering thing is getting very popular..I'm feeling a bit left behind. Wouldn't know where to start.Lovely piece.

Nicks said...

I have a problem getting rid of the solder, find it easier to use solder which has solder already in it. If it is soldered properly you shouldn't get a leakage, but thats easier said than done! Leave it until it is cold and then try flicking it off with a pokey tool or similar.

Jan said...

Well done Maureen - something I really want to have a go at

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Well it looks really good.
I had a soldering iron and solder for my birthday - still sealed in its packet!
I need a personal tutor as I just don't know how to start.
I'll stick to a needle and running stitches!


Hello Maureen, You did a super great job on your pendent and you are right they are not as easy as they look. I created a Crazy Patchwork pendants I have photos on my blog back in June of 2007. Hugs Judy