Friday 13 March 2009

Words only

No connection on the 'big PC today, more words with the really pleasant young men who deal with all my servers complaints and would you believe that after leaving the pc on all day every day for a week, they chose yesterday to check the line, I'd left it off yesterday as we were out for the day - what I coincidence!! Any way yesterday was spent at the NEC in Birmingham, spending money at the hobbycrafts and sewing for pleasure fair, with Viv who had come down from Liverpool, we had a really lovely day and got some goodies between us. This morning after my tense phone call with the server person I decided to make a Mother's day card for my Mother in law, I was pleased with the result but when I went to open it, it was back to front, so I cut the front off and put it onto a coloured card, great but when I went to open it, it was upside down so I cut the front off and put it onto a white card, doubly checking it was ok, i put the insert in- back to front - do you think I might be stressed??? or just having a bad day! finally the card is finished , I'd show it to you but my big pc wont work and I really don't feel like sorting out how this goes on the scanner etc - not with my luck today.


Viv said...

Friday 13th???????????
This PC nonsense is 'virgin on the ridiculous' now!!!
Nice cuppa, spread out all yesterday's goodies (well at least the ones of yours I didn't come home with..LOL)and don't think about the bank balance!! x

Genie said...

sorry your having a problem with pc nothing more annoying,
glad you and Viv had a good day yesterday, Thanks for popping in,
yes i was lucky with the brooch a real beautiful surprise,
have a great weekend

Heather said...

Sorry you've had such a tiresome day. I can only agree with Viv's comment. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work when things are sorted out. We're thinking of you - stay calm!!!

Doreen G said...

Well there's one thing Maureen---things could only improve.
Have a good weekend.

Jackie said...

I can feel the tension mounting. Deepbreaths...relax....