Friday, 1 January 2010

Paper Roses

I made these roses last night, sitting watching ' A Wonderful Life' , they are stamped out ,using Artistic Stamper flower stamps, onto a good weight scrapbook paper, (not Grunge paper as is the current way to make them)they have worked well I think. Jennie the Artistic Stamper has a video tutorial on making the roses on her blog today. My new year has started in a happy way as I have won some fabulous Tim Holtz blogcandy from ,yes,'The Artistic Stamper' - unbelievable. ( I think I must add that I have no commercial or any other connection to Jennie, just a coincidince that she is mentioned a few times in this blog.)



Happy New Year Maureen,

I wish you and your family and friends, a Magical and Happy, Healthy New Year.

You could of fool me, I thought it was fabric not paper you made the rose from. Your talents are truly Magical. Oh, BTW I like that word "Magical" it sounds sooooo lovely to me.

Hugs Judy

Heather said...

Lovely roses Maureen and congrats. on winning the Tim Holtz stuff. Happy New Year.

Jackie said...

Lovely roses. You are so prolific and everything turns out so well. Have a happy new year.

Sian said...

These look great. Happy New Year!

Ange J Lee said...

Happy New Year Maureen...hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!
Congrats for winning the blog lucky lucky gal! The roses are just DIVINE.....excellent work....must have a go at these one day. Off top check out that tut...and you never know I might end up adding this one to my day...maybe....arrrghhhh!