Monday 26 April 2010

No Pictures

Just to say I'm still around, we've just got back from a caravanning long weekend, had a crafty time with Jan and managed to get the OHs to take us to a local stamp shop for a little retail therapy. One good thing was that while we were away the MIL was moved from hospital to her new nursing/care home and should be well settled by now we hope altho' as she is 96 and suffers from dementia she probably isn't aware that she's in a different place to the one she has been in for the last 7 years, now we can settle and OH should stop worrying, I hope.


Jan said...

Gosh you were quick!!! I bet you've been onto Simon's website already!
Thank you both as always for your company and thank you Maureen for sharing the 'Magnolia experience'
(Viv will know what that means lol!)
So very pleased that Hilda is settled... hopefully you can now rest a little easier for a while.

Heather said...

I know just how your husband feels Maureen. I'm sure his mother will not know she has been moved and will quickly settle in to her new surroundings. I used to worry myself silly about my Mother but in spite of being confused, she knew she was well treated and cared for.