Saturday 22 May 2010

Too clever........

Too clever for my own good! - I decided that rather than store left over bits of backing papers in a box and never use them I would make up some cards with these bits, store them then just add toppers as and when, yesterday I put two base cards together, this morning bright and early I started to add the topper to one of them (see picture) and - the floral backing paper was upside down !! - as it was beyond repair when I took it apart I had to print another piece , now i still have some bits left ,dare I start again or shall I just take up knitting!!


Donna said...

Knitting sounds
Seriously Maureen, I wouldn't worry about it....I never do, after all who says flowers don't grow upside down.
As long as you're having fun.
Donna xx

Doreen G said...

I wouldn't have noticed but then I live down under so maybe that's why.

Heather said...

Chances are people wouldn't have noticed Maureen. Isn't it annoying when things like that happen though? Comforting to the rest of us when you, whose cards always look so professional, makes a mistake like that.