Thursday 20 May 2010

Bad Card Day

Two cards, I knew just what I was doing and both went wrong so I rescued the bits and put these together, not my best efforts but I hate wasting things, especially as I had spent time 'colouring in' the stamped images.The blue card disaster was my fault because I decided to start spraying some lace and forgot to move the card bits and both the image and backing paper ended up glimmered - that's why the image ended up cut around.


Netty said...

Both fabulous cards, Annette x

Doreen G said...

It's a bad day if we don't learn something Maureen and I think you learned a great lesson from this.
Anyway I rather like the mark 2 cards.

Heather said...

They are still lovely Maureen - glad you managed to rescue them and your efforts weren't wasted. I find it very comforting to know that even you have the odd 'disaster'!

Donna said...

Maureen, they still turned out beautifully, besides we all have days like that.......I like to think of them as happy accidents instead. LOL

PS I ordered that punch, should have it tomorrow......woo hoo, something new for my cards.