Sunday 19 December 2010


We are lucky this time round as we have no snow only a heavy frost so we were able to go for our walk around the local lakes where we saw this little chap sitting puffed up and in full view of the path, Roy put some bread crumbs down and he came right up to us to get them.I hope the picture shows him up well.


Heather said...

What a dear little robin Maureen. We had about an inch of snow a couple of days ago but nothing since - there's plenty of ice though. It's odd how some areas are really struggling and others are hardly affected. In almost any direction around us there have been quite heavy snowfalls, and only a few miles away in some cases.

Jan said...

Lovely photo Maureen..... I feel so sorry for the birds at the moment. Any food I've put out is deep in the snow now and even the feeders on the trees have frozen.

Diamond Doll said...

Awww i just adore Robins hes so cute. thanx for sharing this with us.
Have a fab Christmas.
Trish (-:

Sherry said...

I love robins Maureen and he looks as though he's even posing for your photograph!

We topped up our birdbath earlier with hot water which just sat on top of the ice, but within minutes a blackbird was enjoying a good old splash around - there was a robin hovering around but he didn't get a look in!