Saturday 18 October 2008

Unpacked at last!

At last I've unpacked my goodies from Ally Pally last week - did I really buy all that (see photo)??


Cat said...

OH! What fun you are going to have! Looks like a tremendous stash! I see such neat textures in there to play with!

Thanks for your comment on my little cards... I could trade... but... greedy me... listed them on etsy this morning... and they all sold! (But I have to pay my son's college tuition somehow!]

Smiles, Cat

Doreen G said...

Oooh can I come over and play at your place it all looks exciting.

Doreen G said...

Me again---I can see a lot of Thread Studio stuff there as well--I have some of those little hanks of wool

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Lovely .....lovely ...... lovely! Connie.

Viv said...

Aggggghhhhhhh! Sound of your Bank Manager when he sees this little pile of stash!!!
How do I know you're going to have endless hours of pleasure with this little lot????? LOL

H.D. Campbell said...

yummy!! im comming over too like


wow Maureen, you did get carried away didn't you lol.

Looks like you'll have plenty of fun with it all.

Hope everythings fine with your Mum
xxx margaret xxx

Genie said...

Oh Maureen !!
Naughty but Nice.
you are going to have a housefull of friends coming over to play!!LOL
Have fun


Hello Maureen, What fun you will have with all these goodies... What is Gossamer fuse. Is it like Misty fuse??? Hugs Judy